Gratitude in Schools series

Gratitude in Primary Schools – a guide for primary school teachers

Gratitude is so important in today’s busy world, I love this book. I’m starting with my class right away, this book has given me the tools I need to get started without any planning!

Sarah Carpenter, St Thomas Mores Catholic Primary School


I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book!!  Such a simple idea implemented for every age.
I did Gratitude for a while about 20 years ago, and after I moved out of my parents house I found my journals. what a joy to reread the small things in my day that i was grateful for as well as the big things.  It would be amazing help children to do that too!
I can’t wait to tell the teachers, I’m really excited to use this with the children at our school.
 Dee Atere, Manor Junior School

Gratitude in Secondary Schools and Higher Education – a guide for staff working with Young People

“Wow what a read!  I love the idea of getting the students grounded before starting.  This is something which could help in so many situations in school.
I work with students who are vulnerable or simply have lost their way and need guidance.  So many of the students cannot see what to have gratitude for but I am sure going through this programme I would touch the hearts and souls of many of them. I actually think it would help them integrate back into the mainstream school.
Reading through, it made me realise as an individual what I should be doing also.  I am grateful for so many things in my life and had possibly lost focus on being thankful daily.  This experience will help my students to build their relationships with adults and I am starting straight away!”
Catherine Garton, Chamberlayne College for the Arts


“I did a lot of work with Restorative Practice in my last school and incorporated gratitude into circle time in my class, so I considered myself experienced.

My initial scepticism was left aside when I opened this book. It’s bloody brilliant! A practical hands on guide that’s jargon free and simple to implement. This is going to have a huge impact on the mental health and well being of our young people. All schools need to be timetabling this ASAP!”

Cerys Bevan, leading tutor